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How prepared are we for life's unforeseen circumstances?

No one wants to get sick or old, at any point of time. But both are inevitable in human life. When something unexpected happens, the only thing that you can do to help yourself and your family is, by being financially prepared. Otherwise such situations, might lead to financial devastation and bankruptcy. Critical illness insurance is designed to financially support patients before, during and after treatment by providing a lump-sum benefit when a critical illness is diagnosed. The major diseases that are covered by the critical illness insurance are cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, major organ transplant, bypass surgery, etc.

Critical Illness Flexcare

Imagine waking up one fine morning, and realising that you will not be able to go to work and bring in anymore income for the family. The condition is even worse if you are the sole bread winner for the family. What happens next? Who is going to pay for your treatment and medication? Who will take care of your family's needs? This is exactly where the critical illness insurance amount comes to the rescue.

You can never take a chance in such issues. Please do not wait till situation worsens.

Protect the financial security of the people you love most.

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