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Valid insurance offers a variety of individual health & dental insurance plans, so you can select the type of benefits and level of coverage that suit you, your family and your budget. Best of all, once you have your coverage, it will continue – regardless of your age or any future changes in your health .

Valid Insurance health & dental plans are specially designed to provide flexibility and choice. Whether your focus is prescription drug coverage, dental care, extended health care like registered specialists and therapists, vision care, private or semi-private hospital accommodation, or travel coverage, Valid Insurance offers a plan that gives you and your family the comprehensive and affordable protection you want and shouldn't do without. And with many Valid Insurance Health and Dental plans, your acceptance is guaranteed*; for others, we ask that you simply complete a medical questionnaire.You can apply for these insurance plans any time, even if you've never had health benefits before. You are eligible to apply as long as you're a Canadian resident.



A tax free lump sum ‐ is paid out within 30 days of diagnosis of a life‐threatening illness Meeting the specified criteria.This can be used in whatever way you see fit and often the policy holder will take out Critical illness insurance to cover mortgage payments.

Up to 30 diseases covered – generally all critical illness insurance policies will cover 7 Core conditions including cancer, strokes, heart attacks, major organ transplants,Kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and coronary artery bypass.Any additional illnesses covered will be detailed in the key features document provided by the insurer.

Protection for dependants ‐ critical illness insurance is considered almost essential for those who have dependants.Most insurance providers understand the need to protect your family and many now offer automatic critical illness cover for children.

Guaranteed premiums – whilst reviewable premiums tend to be cheaper in the offset guaranteed premiums means the amount you pay never chances.

This can prove advantageous for those who develop medical conditions later on in life.Peace of mind – critical illness cover can provide those with a young family or dependants with the peace of mind that in the eventuality that they can no longer work, they will be covered.This allows for stress free recovery time and make sure that the dependants lifestyle will not have to suffer.

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Extra costs – generally the more illnesses covered the higher the premiums.

However by selecting to use an insurance broker customers can compare a range of quotes from separate companies to try and find the best deal

Limitations of disease cover ‐ since the introduction of new regulations in may 2003 certain diseases such as lymphoma are no longer covered by critical illness insurance, however companies like prudential now offer more comprehensive life insurance

Existing medical conditions – should close family members have any pre‐existing medical conditions,

Although there are disadvantages to taking out a critical illness insurance policy the Pro's far outweigh the cons and for those who have a young family this type of cover is Particularly vital.

Critical illness cover can therefore give the policy holder the peace of mind that they will be covered and be able to provide for there family in every eventuality.



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